The Reluctant Fundamentalist

This novel was written following the tragic attacks on 9/11. Written from the second person narrative of a Pakistani male, it addresses the important racial issues that many Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Indian, Punjabi, and other Southeast Asian people faced in the wake of the attacks. While it is important to acknowledge and understand the racism that African Americans faced and continue to face today, it is also important to do so with other races. By acknowledging the racism, in a classroom, that all races suffer, we as teachers are able to offer students with a progressive way of thinking. To prevent students from being stuck in one way of thinking, we are preventing them from acquiring knowledge and awareness to expand their thinking. Teaching this novel in a 12th grade classroom will not only allow students to understand racism on a much deeper level, but it will also allow students to open their minds and accept knowledge more easily.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.47.51 AM.png


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