Learning Disabilities in the classroom

The following playlist of videos includes stories about students who struggle with reading disabilities and they share how they have been working on improving and growing from their struggles. Addressing disabilities in a classroom is difficult because disability constitutes a very wide spectrum and students can fall anywhere on that spectrum. No two students are completely similar in their abilities and disabilities, but despite this as teachers it is important to understand how such students struggle and how they thrive. Even if it takes getting to know each student individually, it still should be done because if there is something preventing a student from succeeding in the classroom, as teacher it is our job to remove that barrier. These videos include children of different ages, not just high school , but it is still  important to watch because it shows how students can go through struggles but still be able to come out strong from them; which is why this video can be used in any classroom at high school or middle school level.

Watch the playlist of videos that show how children with reading disabilities overcame their struggles.


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