Breaking the Language Barrier

A huge barrier that tends to separate a student from their teacher is the language they speak. A student may not be a native English speaker and the teacher might not be versed in the native language of that students; this causes a barrier to go up that prevents communication between the student and the teacher. Communication is very important in the classroom, because it is how a teacher gets their message across and gauges students understanding and it is how a student conveys their understanding. The article below discusses the the five ways that teachers can improve the learning experience for ELLs. It isn’t enough just to make the classroom comfortable for students are identify as LGBTQ or for students suffering racism. It is important, especially in a high school classroom where these strategies could be implemented, to be aware of all student difficulties. So, if a students is an ELL, their achievement in the classroom must becomes a priority.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.38.16 AM

Learn about it here!


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