This movie is the quintessential 21st century film that covers virtually every issue a child/teen/adult could face. It follows a young boy at about 6 years old up until he goes to college and it chronicles every year of his life in between. The actors in the movie are the same actors throughout and the movie was filmed over a course of twelve years which is what makes the movie so interesting. It allows the audience to grow with the characters and it makes the movie-viewing experience more valuable. And like the previous texts, because it was made so recently it is very relevant to students. The other texts dealt with issues that involved society, politics, and culture. This movie deals mostly with personal issues and familial issues; things that people deal with at home. These types of issues are important to discuss in the classroom because it allows the teacher to acknowledge the students and break down that fourth wall that stands in between. While I do think that some of these issues might be too intense for some students, if taught in a 12th grade classroom, it could benefit the classroom environment if the teacher can build that rapport with the students.



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